People in Residential Homes

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"Mum seemed withdrawn and vacant. It was a couple of weeks before we realised her hearing aids weren't working properly. I contacted the JDA Outreach Service and within two days the hearing aids were fixed and mum was back to her old self."

We provide regular, on-site specialist hearing support services for older people with hearing loss who are housebound or living in residential care.

Our highly trained staff and volunteers give practical and emotional support to residents and carers to ensure older people living in care or independently enjoy a more stimulating later life.

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    We will improve residents’ quality of life. By identifying and establishing ways of enabling those with hearing loss to participate in group...

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    Supporting Management

    Our approachable and professional staff are on hand to support care home management and workers to improve practices and enhance the quality of life...

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    Deaf Awareness Training

    Tailor-made, professional training courses to enable workers in residential homes and day centres to: Understand how having a hearing loss affects...

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    Outreach Service Volunteers

    The Hearing Loss Outreach Service is enabling older residents more equal access to facilities and community life in care homes across Barnet...

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    Hearing Aid Service

    Our fully trained staff and volunteers will ensure residents’ hearing aids work effectively , providing regular, on-site, practical hearing aid...

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    If equipment can make life easier or more independent for a resident, we’ll help identify specific needs and provide information on, and help with,...

  • Induction Loops

    Induction loops in certain areas can help residents to be involved in their world. We show staff how to use them properly, support them to use them...

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    Our fully trained staff and volunteers are on hand to provide information about hearing loss and coping strategies . They will also suggest other...

Learn to Lipread

Do you have trouble hearing in a noisy background? Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves? Do you misunderstand what others are saying and respond inappropriately?

If you have a hearing loss, lipreading classes can help you to become more informed, more socially active, more confident and therefore more connected to those around you. Our lipreading tutor runs lively, stimulating, interactive weekly classes every Monday. For more information visit our lipreading pages or email