Transparent deaf-friendly masks

Can you read my lips in this mask?

Let’s all wear clear masks so that people with hearing loss can read your lips – and everyone can see your smile!

At JDA we’ve made a list of our Top 4 favourite face coverings to make it easy for you to choose which one is best for you.

1) COMING SOON HelloFace mask. Comfortable, washable, antimicrobial, reusable, eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, anti-fog, completely transparent mask – ok to wear with glasses and hearing aids. Great for: Communicating and engaging effectively with everyone, from various angles, easy to wear for a long time. Price: £13.80 per pack of 2.

2) Clear Expression mask, 3-ply, disposable paper mask – with completely clear panel showing lips and expressions. Great for: Shopping, out and about, paramedics, healthcare professionals. Price: £2.25 each, minimum order of 10

3) Technomask. Very light, washable and re-usable completely transparent face covering. Great for: Meetings and wearing for a long time - comfortable. Price: £16.50. Available for purchase direct from the manufacturer here. Follow this link and use discount code JDA.

4) Premier Easy-Fit Face Shield. Lightweight, re-usable, comfortable and unobtrusive, anti-fog plastic face shield – not protective against COVID. Can be worn as extra protection with a mask. Great for: Teachers, hospitality and people who need to keep their distance from everyone - including healthcare workers if worn together with a mask. Price: £5 each, minimum order of 10

If you are interested in purchasing any of these masks or visors, please fill in this contact form here or phone us on 020 8446 0502.

Yes, you can read lips and smiles while wearing a facemask!

At JDA we have made a list of our Top 4 favourite transparent face coverings to make it easy for you.

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